Amara Organics: Vitamin C Serum


Now that I’ve been happy with how clear my skin has been, I wanted to focus on improving pigmentation and texture. This¬†Vitamin C serum by Amara Organics was highly recommended by one of my best friends. I’ve been using it every night for the last month and a half and this serum has been showing me amazing results! I had some pigmentation on my forehead from breakouts that I’ve picked at (don’t do this!) and it has faded drastically. I’ve also noticed that the texture of my skin is more even and a lot softer.

If you are hesitant about using a retinol, this serum is a great alternative to the Sunday Riley Luna Oil I mentioned in a previous post. The best part about this serum is that it dries fast and is not sticky after it dries. It also has hyaluronic acid and vitamin e which have amazing benefits for your skin. I only use this at night only, although the bottle says you can use this day or night, and then layer a moisturizer on top.

This is the first product I’ve purchased from Amara Organics, but now I’m curious about the rest of their range. I’ll probably purchase their moisturizer next! Have you tried any serums lately?

xx, Aria



Peter Thomas Roth: Peeling Gel


Keeping up with my skin care obsession, this Peter Thomas Roth Peeling Gel is a favorite that I’ve been using for the past year. It has truly changed how I exfoliate my face. I am prone to getting white heads from dead skin build up, especially on my forehead. Exfoliating clears that right up, but physical exfoliants, such as ones that have micro-beads in them, can be too harsh on my sensitive skin. I decided to look into using chemical exfoliants, but was not yet ready to dive in to the AHA/BHA market just yet. At Sephora, one of the reps suggested I try using an exfoliant with fruit enzymes and recommended this PTR one. He placed a small amount on my hand and I began to rub it into my skin; within a couple of seconds, dry skin started to flake off (gross, I know). As soon as I rinsed my hand, it revealed softer, brighter skin. I love seeing instant results, so obviously had to buy it!


I’m so glad I purchased this product – I have backups for my backup! I use it once to twice a week and my skin feels soft and gently exfoliated every time. I’ve heard the Juice Beauty Apple Peel one is also really good. I might try out their sensitive skin version. What do you use to exfoliate your face?

xx, Aria


Sunday Riley: Luna Sleeping Night Oil

I’m pretty big on skin care and also very selective about it. Lately, I have dry to normal skin that can sometimes break out with certain products and climates. I recently ran out of my night time facial moisturizer and was looking for a hydrating one when I decided to change it up and try an oil. After reading so many reviews about the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, I decided to give it a go.


You only need two to three drops for your entire face and neck. The blue tint doesn’t stain your face, so once you rub it into your skin, you won’t look like a smurf. Just don’t go sleep on your white pillow cases immediately after, give it some time to work into your skin! When I woke up the first day after trying the Luna oil, my face looked so refreshed, hydrated, and radiant. After a few weeks of consistent use, I have noticed better pigmentation on my face and less random break outs.


The major downside: the price. At $105¬† for 1 ounce (or $55 for 0.5 ounces), it is one of the most expensive skin care products I own. However, I don’t mind spending the money for something that gives me results.

It does have retinoids, so it should not be used during pregnancy or during the day time.

I’ll definitely be using this oil up and at a few drops per use, it looks like it will last me some time (thankfully). What is your favorite night time facial moisturizer?

xx. Aria