My New Year’s Resolution: Organize My Closet!

Happy New Year! I hope y’all had a great start to 2017 so far. I’m excited for this year and all the fun upcoming opportunities. I try to make a New Year’s resolution every year and some of them never change: be healthier, more spiritual, and travel often. This year I decided to add a more specific resolution, finally organize my closet.


My husband and I moved into a new house last summer and I’ve been putting off organizing my closet for months. I have a hard time letting go of things, especially because I think every article of clothing has some kind of memory attached to it. Oh that shirt? I can’t, I drank water while holding my best friend’s dog for the first time. Yup, that’s me.

This time while organizing, I stuck to a flow chart from MakeSpace. MakeSpace is an on demand storage service, they pick up, store, and bring back your stuff. It’s cheaper than self-storage and you can use their free storage bins, so no more struggling with boxes and tape. Check out MakeSpace here and their storage locations nationwide here.


My closet is looking so much more organized now that I’ve cleaned it out. I’ve even started to think about what I can do to customize my closet even further. I’d love to add a full length mirror and a small island drawer for my accessories. My dream closet would include space for seating and more shelving for shoes… is a chandelier too much?! 🙂

I’d love to know, what are your New Year’s resolutions?

xx, Aria


Revival of the Records

When it comes to buying gifts for my husband, I stick to three categories: sports, travel, and music. When his birthday rolled around this year, his favorite sports seasons were over and we just moved to Texas for his new job (no vacation time off). After scouring the Internet, mainly the Nordstrom “gifts for him” section (what can I say, it’s the easiest option), I remembered that I still had one category left – music! I started searching for upcoming concert tickets, live shows, etc. No luck. I happened to have the Urban Outfitters website up during one of my online shopping binges and saw a Music + Tech tab. They had so many options, but I knew my husband would really love a record player. If I was going to buy one, I wanted it to match our style as well – classic and minimalist.



I gravitated towards the Crosley C10 Turntable. I knew the look was exactly what my husband would want.The simple light colored wood base and black accents compliment each other. The minimalist design and advanced features sold me.




An added bonus- my husband not only loved his gift, we now have a hobby we share together. Whenever we travel to a new city, we try to find record stores and search for new and vintage records.


Our record collection is growing rapidly. Listening to new music through an old method just provides a fun mix of new and old school vibes. The vintage records bring us back in time and we love sharing those memories with each other.


If you’re looking for a record player for yourself or as a gift, shop mine and similar ones here: Crosley C10 Turntable

There is just something about listening to records on a record player. I can’t wait to hunt for some more. Next on my list is a Maxwell record. Which records would you collect?

x, Aria

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